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About Us

Rise Up. Speak Up. Join Up.

Inspired by social movements of the past, the Cannabis Activists Alliance began forming towards the end of 2020 and has been gaining considerate traction and public attention since.

The CAA aims to unify and unite cannabis users and advocates, as well as the wider community. Together, we aim to address the harms caused by prohibition and fight for the legalisation & equitable progressive regulation of the cannabis plant and all of its constituents.

We are a grassroots campaign of peers ranging from long-time activists, medical patients, carers, socially engaged consumers, and small business & retail owners. We strive to hold the Irish government accountable, and to educate and empower others to take action. We work to ensure that our voices are heard and magnified, until we reach our goal and even beyond.

We are working towards these goals by exposing real harms and social and financial costs of prohibition, and in turn highlight the medical and economic benefits of legalisation through a variety of campaigns.

Here are just a few:

  • Protests & Marches

  • Civil Disobedience Campaigns

  • Public Information & Awareness Campaigns

  • Awareness Campaigns to address sitting government representatives

  • Social Media Campaigns & Updates

Everyone has a personal story to tell and for many, their story involves the use of cannabis. We support and welcome everyone of you who wishes to tell your story, and aim support you to have your story heard with our growing platform.

List of actions, campaigns and protests we have organised or supported in 2021:

  • Talk to Vera

  • Bring Alicia Home

  • Ryan's Right

  • Feed The Birds / Overgrow The Government

  • Cork

  • Kerry

  • Major Protest for Cannabis Reform in Phoenix Park and Garden Of Remembrance

  • 5th November - National Legalise Cannabis Day

  • 1.  December - Rosa Parks Remembrance & Commemoration

... and many more to follow in 2022!

If you wish to learn more and contribute to the cause join our community and contribute your story.

About Us: About Us
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